Living of the land and with the land...
living off Istria and with Istria...
living off wine and with it...


"The conditions of soil and climate of a winegrowing area influence, in many respects, the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes, and therefore the wine.

In the area of Koreniki, the crucial role in this respect is played by the red soil characterised by white calcareous stone, as well as the impact of the sea, dense forest with ancient oaks and rich fauna. All of which belongs to the landscape of Koreniki in Istria. Buzzing tractors, rattling scissors in the vineyards, winegrowers singing, the bura (bora) wind whistling through the rows - all these are the sounds of the cycle of the seasons.

Characteristic fruity wines with exceptional structural balance are the expression of this terroir, just like the people who farm this land. Humble, but determined, people ahead of their time, people who know how to listen to the elderly, who have realised that to rule nature is to serve it..."

Aldo Venco, oenologist


The Coronica family is an inseparable part of the Istrian terroir. Being part of Istria, Bujština-Buiese in particular, is what has made our history and what is creating our future.

Our heart is in the village of Koreniki, where we come from and where we live.

This is who we are, the story of generations, the story of a tradition.


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